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About Our Confessional Lutheran Services

Our services are called “Divine Services” because God is giving to us His: forgiveness of our sins through Jesus Christ; He reconciles us to Himself through His Word (Scriptures), and in Holy Communion love, holiness, encouragement, strength, comfort, insights and wisdom, to help us get through our daily lives
In response to God’s love, we: joyfully proclaim to God and one another, with words and music, His great love for us preach and teach biblical truth, focussed on Jesus Christ; this includes what Jesus has already done for us (God’s “Gospel” or good news) how we should therefore live our Christian life (God’s “Law”) pray to God on behalf of others and ourselves
In our response to God’s love, we use the Church’s profound liturgical expressions from God’s Word (Bible), prayers, and rich musical traditions from all Christian time periods.
More about Divine Service:
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