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Listen to Sermons / 2018 Lent (Feb. 14 - Mar. 18)

Redeemer Lutheran Church

78 John St. West (at Severn),  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  N2L 1B8      Tel: (519) 745-5027
March 18, 2018 (5th Sunday in Lent) “The Divine Service” Mark 10:32-45 Joel V. Kuhl March 14, 2018 (Midweek Lenten 4 Service) “Providing For All Our Needs” John 19:16b-30 Joel V. Kuhl March 11, 2018 (4th Sunday in Lent) “Welcoming the Light of Christ” John 3:14-21 Joel V. Kuhl March 7, 2018 (Midweek Lenten 3 Service) “God’s Will is Done For You” Luke 22:24-62 Joel V. Kuhl March 4, 2018 (3rd Sunday in Lent) “Comforting? Absolutely!” John 2:13-25 Dr. James Keller, Guest Pastor February 28, 2018 (Midweek Lenten 2 Service) “Out of This World” John 18:28-19:16 Joel V. Kuhl February 25, 2018 (2nd Sunday in Lent) “Who do you say that I am?” Mark 8:27-38 Dr. James Keller, Guest Pastor February 21, 2018 (Midweek Lenten 1 Service) “Keep Us in Your Name” John 17:1-26 Joel V. Kuhl February 18, 2018 (1st Sunday in Lent) “Through Life’s Wilderness” Mark 1:9-15 Joel V. Kuhl February 14, 2018 (Ash Wednesday) “Return to the Lord your God...In Prayer” Joel 2:12-19 Joel V. Kuhl