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Pastor’s Corner

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Redeemer Lutheran Church

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Redeemer Reflections: Monthly Messages
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church’s website; I am glad you stopped by! Throughout our website you will find links to all the activities of our congregation, and I hope that one of the constant threads that you will find either in the audio recordings of the sermons, or the monthly Redeemer Reflections, is that this church is focused on Jesus Christ. All of the activities of our various boards, groups, committees, and personnel focus on Jesus, the only Son of God made human flesh and blood to be one with us. Jesus did this so that he could be our substitute, the one who stands before the Father to pay for all the sins of mankind. From Adam and Eve, to the last person at the end of time, Jesus Christ paid for every single sin by his sacrifice on Calvary’s cross. That is good news for us poor, miserable sinners! Jesus Christ is our focus, our Redeemer. We welcome you to peruse the site, listen to some sermons, send us an email, and you are most certainly welcome to come in person at any time, and hear the good news of Christ’s forgiveness for all your sins. May the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ bring light and life to your day! In Christ’s service, Rev.  Joel V. Kuhl, Pastor